A You don’t need an engineer degree to assemble the charcoal grill. As Owner’s Manual indicates, you are able to assemble it quickly even you are alone at home.
A You can smoke with the offset smoker while charcoal grilling. Besides, if you are a big fan of smoking, it is a great idea when you light up the charcoal in the offset smoker and place the food in the main firebox. With the efficient heat transfer system, the charcoal grill is then conversed to be a big smoker.
A There are Velcro straps on the bottom of both sides of the grill cover allowing for easy adjustment so that you can keep the cover secure on your grill.
A The griddle only works with the connection of a 20 lb propane tank. For the safety reason, a propane tank is better to be kept outside.
A Royal Gourmet gas grills are coming with electronic ignition system. Simply press the button on control panel and you can start the fire quickly. As for Royal Gourmet charcoal grill, you can light up with a Royal Gourmet chimney starter.

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