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What are the Differences between 

PD1200 and PD1300

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Among all Royal Gourmet® portable griddles, PD1200 seems to be another slightly different version of PD1300. The major and most noticeable difference is that the former has 2 burners while the latter comes with 3 burners. The size, therefore, also varies: PD1200 measures at 17.5'' L x 13.3''W with a total of 232 sq. in. in cooking space, while PD1300 is much larger with a cooking zone of 316 sq. in. measured at 23.6''L x 13.4'' W. Both are featured with a propane tank regulator. It should be noted that PD1200's regulator is designed for a 1 lb tank, whereas PD1300's regulator is for a 20 lb tank. Of course you can purchase an alternative regulator online for PD1200 to make it match the 20 lb tank if you like, as long as you ask for professional's advice beforehand as safety always comes first.

Except for the above differences, PD1200 and PD1300 share the same features, for example, the porcelain enameled griddle surface, 9,000 BTU power for each burner, stainless steel control panel, piezo ignition system, and a side grease cup which brings you greater convenience and portability for outside cooking. 

All the parts have a one-year warranty that is identical to most brands' gas grill. It comes with an assembly manual, and you can download an owner's manual online. If you can't find the information you're looking for, you can contact Customer Support via phone or email.