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What is the Difference among 

PC3401B, PC3401S and PC3401M

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Royal Gourmet® has three different but very similar-looking dining carts. If you wonder what the differences are among the three models, you can read through this short article. Then you will probably know which model suits your need better.


The major difference lies in their construction material and surface powdering. When it comes to tabletop, PC3401B's tabletop has a black finish, while PC3401S and PC3401M are both featured with a stainless steel top. Comparatively speaking, it's much easier to clean the stainless steel table top with just a cloth. Secondly, both PC3401B and PC3401S have a black frame, while PC3401M has a hardened powdering which makes it more durable and scrape- resistant.

All three dining carts have the following necessary functions: space for securing a tank and storing BBQ supplies, and hanging hooks for hanging towels and BBQ accessories etc. Therefore there's no big difference in prices. Just choose the one which is more suitable for you. 

All the parts have a one-year warranty that is identical to most brands' gas grill. It comes with an assembly manual, and you can download an owner's manual online. If you can't find the information you're looking for, you can contact Customer Support via phone or email.