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What is the Difference Between 

ZH3002(S) and ZH3003

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To be honest, both grill combos from Royal Gourmet® look much the same and share the same functions, but there are still some differences that set them apart from each other, and here come the following differences:

Cooking Space:

What customers are most concerned about is the grilling size. ZH3003 provides an overall of 809 square inches in cooking space while ZH3002(S) offers only 742 square inches in the total cooking area. It means ZH3003 can cook 2 or 3 more burgers at a time.

Lower Shelf

As we can see easily from our first glimpse, the two grills have very different lower shelves. ZH3002(S) is equipped with full-sized front doors with half-sized side panels, to partially protect and secure large accessories in place, and at the same time guarantee good ventilation. On the contrary, ZH3003 lower shelf is totally open, only with bars for support purpose and a bottom shelf panel. It is quicker to drop items on for placement, but not free of dust.

Overall Design

The grill design is also quite different. First and foremost is the front panel: ZH3003 has a split one, more large in overall size while ZH3002(S) looks much more slim. The air vent, a mechanism embedded on the front part, thus has room on ZH3003 to be inserted right onto the panel, while this is located behind for ZH3002(S). The second difference lies in the side tables: ZH3002(S) forms quite into a shape of trapezoid towards joint area, while ZH3003 is typically rectangular.

However, these differences don't influence functions in the slightest possibility, so you can always expect their scoring the same performance marks during the grilling. 

Note: ZH3002S has a stainless steel lower doors compared with black-coated ones for ZH3002.

All the parts have a one-year warranty that is identical to most brands' gas grill. It comes with an assembly manual, and you can download an owner's manual online. If you can't find the information you're looking for, you can contact Customer Support via phone or email.