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My Five Star Shopping Experience

--- Review of Royal Gourmet PW2448S


Royal Gourmet PW2448S Folding Work Table


Facing a sea of work tables online, the more information I check, the more I hesitate in making decision. Many online shoppers probably are in the same plight. In the end, I finally clicked the checkout button of Royal Gourmet 48-inch work table, considering giving it a try. Anyway it’s not a purchase of luxury goods, and it’s still affordable to get another table if necessary.


It turned out to be a really delightful shopping experience.


The table arrived my home within 3 days, much faster than I expected. It was very well and carefully packaged, looking good from exterior.

As an outdoor enthusiast, I spend most of my spare time outside in Mother Nature, camping, barbecuing or picnicking. This folding work table is exactly what I need.

The portability comes first. I like it when I carry the folded table easily with one hand. It’s not really lightweight though, the table itself is fully constructed of stainless steel.


No assembly is necessarily needed for this table. I took it out to my backyard and simply opened it, and it’s ready to use. When the table is not in use, I can fold it easily for convenient storage, which won’t occupy much of my space. I have tried to open and fold the table several times, and the table just did great job and never jammed.


The curvy legs make the whole table visually elegant, and they are sturdy wherever I place the table. I have bought this folding work table for several weeks, and everything goes well so far. Sometimes I would keep it in my kitchen, when I need a prep table for making a pizza.


With the foot caps, my wooden floor will not get scratches, which I am really satisfied with. It is said the work table can support 484 lb of the evenly distributed weight. I have placed many of my belongings last weekend when I was out for a picnic with my friends, and there’s no problem at all. The superior strength and durability made this table pretty reliable. I think I would definitely recommend it to any friend who’s in need of a portable work table.


As a utility table, this one can be used in many different ways. Just like a couple of days ago when my friends visited me at home. They are a big group and actually I don’t have so many people in house that often. My small dinner table ran out of capacity while facing so many people. Luckily I have this utility table at home and it was then used as an additional dinner table, perfectly solving the table problem of this occasional big gathering.


Some details of this Royal Gourmet work table are really thoughtful. The table edges are smooth and safe to touch, protecting users from safety hazard. Glossy table top surface is not only nice in looking but also easy in cleaning. As a matter of fact, the whole table can be cleaned with ease. Most of the time I will wipe the table top simply with paper towel. The clean up is really effortless. I have kept it for a couple of weeks and it’s just as new as the first time I saw it.


The table is folded in my car trunk


So far I am really glad that I have bought this stainless steel folding work table. It performs perfect in many ways, and has already become a very important member in my outdoor life. Everytime I go camping with my friends, I will put the folded table in my car trunk, and it just makes everything so easy.


If you are looking for a folding work table like what I did before, I seriously suggest you to give it a nice try. This folding work table is just amazing and I enjoyed this five star purchase experience so much.