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One for Father, One for Mother


Table is one of the most commonly used stuffs in our life. What can we do with a table? The answers vary. You will never find a table useless.


For these who spend hours or even days online looking for an ideal table for the family, you can probably stop here, as the Royal Gourmet PW2448D folding work table could be your perfect solution.




The 48-inch folding work table is fully constructed of stainless steel. Ergonomic design of legs provides a sturdy foundation and can support for 484 lb of evenly distributed weight. As a great kitchen companion, all of your mom’s cookware will get enough room to place, as the two shelves offer plenty of storage space. Sometimes when your mom is preparing for a big family meal, all the preparation stuffs can be well organized on table for her easy reach, so that she doesn’t have to open the cabinet again and again.


The sufficient storage space works perfect for your dad’s garage tools as well. When the idea of folding work table comes into being, Royal Gourmet designers have considered all the possibilities of a work table. The PW2448D folding work table is not only for indoor kitchen use, but also for other daily activities, for example the garage storage.





When your dad collects more and more tools for working or anything and his garage workbench has been occupied by a number of stuffs, Royal Gourmet PW2448D will then do a great help. It can be used as a garage workbench, however, it’s not simply a garage workbench. Anytime the garage space is needed, you can easily fold the table for saving more space.


The foldable feature of this table makes things even more convenient. When the table is not in use, no matter in kitchen or in garage, the legs can be folded with no fuss. The folded table size fits all types of car trunks, allowing for easy transport. If your weekend plan is camping, simply place the table in your car trunk and you are ready to go.


Stainless steel table top will not rust, crack or peel even after a long period of use. When it is time to clean, no matter in kitchen after a savory repast or in garage for a monthly clean up, the table can be cleaned effortlessly with a simple wipe or two, and you don’t have to buy bottles of professional cleaning chemicals.


In addition, the table comes with a smooth edge design, relieving users’ stress of worrying bumping into it accidently. Four foot caps protect your wooden floor from scratches. All these thoughtful details make your life more easy and joyful.


As one of Royal Gourmet Group’s star products, the double-shelf folding work table is specially designed for outdoor life. Except for mom’s domestic kitchen use and dad’s garage use, if you are an outdoor living enthusiast, this solid table is definitely an essential for you too, no matter the plan is backyard grilling, camping, picnics or lakeside fishing.

One for father, one for mother, and don’t forget to get one for yourself as well!