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What Kind of Basting Brush Should You Choose?

--- Silicone Basting Brush vs. Regular Basting Brush

As one of the very important grilling accessories, basting brushes come with a variety of types considering shapes, sizes, colors, etc., among which you are likely to find two main types frequently used: the silicone barbecue brushes and regular natural brushes.


Silicone Basting Brush

Silicone basting brushes tends to be more and more popular nowadays. It got some   reasons.  

  Reason 1   

If you have time and facility, it is recommended to do some experiment of sauce application by yourself. When you are trying to apply same sauce on two same sausages for example, the silicone basting brush helps you spreading the sauce with ease. As a matter of fact, it’s easy to apply sauce with the regular natural basting brush as well. However, if you observe carefully, the sausage applied by regular brush is added with less sauce.

Reason 2  

Moreover, when you place the both brushes aside for a while, imagine that you are enjoying the mouthwatering grilled results with families and friends, you’ll soon notice that the regular brush becomes solid, as it gets stuck between bristles, while the same time the silicone one is still soft and flexible.

 Reason 3   

As long as you are trying to wash the brushes, you’ll soon feel the bigger difference. While placing under flushing water, the silicone brush gets clean easily with a little help from fingers. On the other hand, the solid regular brush appears harder to wash. It is impossible to get clean by itself, and you’ll have to clean carefully with fingers.

  Reason 4   

Last but not least, the regular basting brushes are facing the serious problem of bristles falling down. No one wants to find some bristles while enjoying some delicious grilled food.

                         Recommended Choice                            

It is highly recommended to get several user-friendly silicone basting brushes, if you are still using the regular ones. And you will soon realize the benefits of this replacement.